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9 Added to AMPAS Science & Technology Council

Nine new members have been appointed by

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

President Frank Pierson to the organization’s year-old Science and Technology Council, bringing the number of members to 23.

The new members are Peter W. Anderson, visual effects branch; Clay M. Davis Jr., sound; David W. Gray, sound; Richard Hollander, visual effects; Brad Hunt, associates; George Joblove, visual effects; Takuo Miyagishima, members at large; Daryn Okada, cinematographers; and Richard Patterson, visual effects.

The mandates of the Science and Technology Council include advancing the science of motion pictures and fostering cooperation for technological progress in support of the art. The council currently is engaged in developing public presentations on the technology of motion pictures, development of a database of motion picture technology history, and monitoring new developments in the industry.

The council is co-chaired by Academy governor (and secretary) Don Rogers, sound branch; governor Bill Taylor, visual effects; and Ray Feeney, visual effects.

Other members of the Council are Governor Richard Edlund, visual effects; Governor Jonathan Erland, visual effects; Phillip J. Feiner, visual effects; Richard B. Glickman, members at large; Douglas Greenfield, sound; Rob Hummel, members at large; David Inglish, visual effects; Bill Kroyer, short films and feature animation; Tad Marburg, associates; Richard J. Stumpf, sound; and Barry S. Weiss, short films and feature animation.

The director of the Council is Andrew Maltz.