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70 Monitors and 35 Projectors Went Into Diana Thater’s Massive Retrospective at LACMA

Installing Diana Thater’s massive multimedia LACMA restrospective The Sympathetic Imagination was no easy feat. It involved 70 monitors, 35 projectors, 44 video players, and 2 custom PCs according to LACMA’s gallery media manager Patrick Heilman, who spoke about the process on LACMA’s Unframed blog.

“The biggest volume of hardware is probably in the stacked or mounted monitors, what Diana calls video walls,” Heilman explains. “The Art of the Americas Building space has three stacked walls. Six-Color Sun, right as you enter, is made up of six digitally controlled CRT monitors, and knots + surfaces in the next room has 16. These are black cube monitors that are harder and harder to find. We needed a lot of them, so we ordered those early from Minnesota to have time to adjust them and make them look the way they were intended. For the Delphine video wall, they’re actually old stock parts that have been brought back to life in modern enclosures.”

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