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‘6 Below’ Is First Feature Film to Be Edited Natively in 6K

Editor Vashi Nedomansky is documenting his workflow working on the feature film 6 Below, the first feature film to be edited natively in 6K.

He explains, “I have cut many music videos and short films in native 4K (RED, Samsung, Canon, Sony) but the challenge of 6K is a brand new beast! 6K files are nine times larger than HD. To handle the pixel pushing power we need for real-time playback, we are using custom made DELL Precision Tower 7910 Series workstations with 20-core processors. These are outfitted with 128GB of RAM and NVIDIA Quadro M6000 12GB video cards. The 6K frame is 6144 x 3160 pixels and needs massive power to push it around smoothly. 48TB of RAID 5 storage is shared across 10GB ethernet.”