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4K Ultra HD: The Next Best Thing to Being There

Stephan Jukic of writes about aerial video of stunning locations throughout the world that various shooters have posted of material shot via drone. “While the site ‘Travel by Drone‘ invites submissions from all kinds of UAV drone buffs, whether they’re shooting in HD or 4K resolution,” Jukic writes, “some of the finest videos found on the site are those that belong to 4K UHD cameras mounted on drones from a number of brands like DJI or others.” 

These videos, he suggests, are represantative of “a quietly revolutionary phenomenon, something which has so subtly become commonplace that we almost fail to realize just how extraordinary these videos would be as the creations of ordinary people even a few short years ago. Small, highly affordable battery-powered UAV drones sporting HD and 4K cameras mounted on gimbals have allowed any kind of ordinary home user to go out into the field and put together aerial videos which just a decade ago would have required some serious investment of cash in helicopter rental time.”