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3LD Manages Big Content with Small Tree

Dedicated to standing out in the world of experimental art, 3-Legged Dog is a leading creator of experimental multimedia productions. Located in New York City, 3LD recently installed a GraniteSTOR TitaniumZ-16 shared storage system and ThunderNET solution from Small Tree to accommodate the abundant content the company’s editing team must work with on each project.

“We’re pushing an insane amount of data—like composites up to 20K,” says Cameron Vokey, line producer at 3LD. “With seven compositors working in composites between 4K and 20K, we needed a solution that would open up 10 gigabit Ethernet for us, and that’s what the TitaniumZ-16 in tandem with ThunderNET did.”

3LD handles projects for a variety of clients, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Express, Michael Kors and Lady Gaga.

3LD shoots primarily with RED Scarlet and RED EPIC Dragon cameras. Leveraging Adobe After Effects’ ability to process native R3D files, 3LD editors play files directly off the TitaniumZ-16, speeding and simplifying the editing process by eliminating the need for intermediate codecs.

The company’s editing setup currently includes nine Mac-based workstations running Adobe Creative Suite connected to a 48 TB shared storage server designed by Small Tree to provide high-performance sharing. TitaniumZ includes simplified setup and management, RAID protection for multimedia editing and Small Tree’s top-tier tech support.

“It sounds crazy but we shoot a number of performances in 3D,” Vokey says. “We want to be able to edit that footage on site with our own equipment, and the TitaniumZ-16 and ThunderNET systems will enable us to do so.”