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3D Holograms Bring Destroyed Ancient Buddhas Back to Life

A state-of-the-art projection system brought the 1500-year-old Buddhas of Bamiyan–that were tragically destroyed by the Taliban back in 2001–back to life for one night only.

Developed by documentarians Janson Yi and Liyan Hu, the 3D holograms were created by projectors mounted on scaffolding. Explains The Atlantic, “[Yi and Hu] had been deeply moved by the statues’ destruction in 2001, and, according to [L.A. Times journalist Ali] Latifi, decided to undertake the project and add Bamiyan to their itinerary. Latifi told me that the couple fine-tuned the projections on a mountainside in China and then, after receiving approval from UNESCO and the Afghan government, brought the system to Afghanistan. The projections were not widely publicized, but over 150 people came to see the spectacle. Crowds remained well into the night, Latifi said, and some people played music while others looked on.”