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21st Century 3D Introduces New Digital Stereoscopic Motion Picture Camera System

Stereoscopic production company and technology innovator 21st Century 3D announced a new addition to its line up of digital stereoscopic motion picture cameras. At a time when 3D production is booming and major studios are calling for more live action 3D camera equipment, the 3DP2 arrives as a new live action 3D camera system that shoots high definition stereoscopic images directly to solid-state memory. The 3DP2 is 21st Century 3D’s first system to be developed in the beam splitter configuration. Utilizing an optical beam splitting glass element, two cameras are mounted perpendicular to one another on either side of the glass. This arrangement allows for a variable interocular spacing, ranging from 0” – 4”. The operator can dynamically adjust the 3DP2’s depth settings during a shot to vary the intensity of the 3D effect. Small stereo base settings can be used for extreme close ups and wider settings can compensate for longer focal lengths or subjects at greater distances from the camera.

Typical beam splitter cameras may record specular highlights or polarized light sources in one eye that appear differently or are not visible to the other. This can be a distracting artifact in the final stereo image. Since one camera receives incident light and the other reflected light, polarization and other optical issues are a concern. In the development of the 3DP2, special attention has been paid to avoid polarization problems typically associated with other optical beam splitter 3D cameras. By utilizing a uniquely prescribed optical coating, maximum 3D image quality is obtained while simultaneously avoiding ghost images or internal reflections.

An onboard integrated monitoring system easily allows the DP, operator or focus puller to view left image, right image or a multiplexed 3D image (50/50 on a monoscopic screen). Multiple analog preview outputs allow viewers at a remote video village to see left, right or 3D independently of the on camera monitor. Additionally, dual HD-SDI outputs allow for a wide array of monitoring and recording options.

The 3DP2’s overall weight is less than 40 lbs with battery and storage media, making it one of the smallest and lightest self-contained 3D beam splitter cameras available. This weight advantage facilities steadicam or even hand held operation and rapid setups. The camera can record 1920×1080 per eye at 24 fps or 30 fps. Variable frame rates are available at 1280×720 at up to 60 fps. Data is recorded to industry standard P2 cards at 100Mbps in the DVCProHD format. In addition to onboard solid-state media, and HD-SDI, the 3DP2 offers dual component analog outputs for maximum monitoring and recording flexibility. The two HD-SDI signals can be multiplexed to facilitate live transmission of 3D images for applications like broadcast and closed circuit.

The 3DP2 can also be deployed in an extra wide hyper stereoscopic configuration. A nearly one meter stereo base allows for extremely realistic 3D effects when shooting even the most distant subjects. Developed in conjunction with Nelson Tyler of Tyler Camera Systems, the 3DVX-H is design to work with Tyler Major Mount helicopter based camera stabilization systems to facilitate stereoscopic aerial photography. The 3DVX-H is the world’s only gyroscopically stabilized, gas shock isolated, one meter wide stereoscopic camera system. The addition of 3DP2 technology adds the reliability of solid-state recording and enhanced resolution.

The 3DP2 was recently used in production of the upcoming feature film Call of the Wild starring Christopher Lloyd. Shot on location in Lincoln, Montana, the compact size and solid state recording mechanism proved invaluable while enduring the bitter cold, snow and overall harsh shooting environment. The all aluminum custom construction is extremely rigid, durable and lightweight.

The first public demonstration of the 3DP2 camera will take place today at the National Association of Broadcasters convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV. In association with TDVision, industry leader in stereoscopic encoding and portable immersive display technology, 21st Century 3D will be showing a live HD 3D demo in the Central Hall booth number C9042.

21st Century 3D has developed an array of stereoscopic camera systems including the 3DVX series of uncompressed 4:4:4 10 Bit RGB cameras. 21st Century 3D has been shooting live action 3D since 1991. Years of hands on production experience have resulted in the development of unique camera systems that offer features and capabilities unavailable elsewhere in the industry. 21st Century 3D also offers end-to-end solutions with stereoscopic postproduction, compositing, animation and encoding capabilities. For more information, log on to

or contact the New York City headquarters at 212-244-8585.