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‘From 1994’ Stays in Motion with MoVI

Produced by Seattle-based Mindcastle, the short film “From 1994” was shot entirely using Freefly Systems’ MoVI camera stabilizer and an ARRI Alexa M camera. “I’ve shot with cranes and jibs and things like that. Once you set them up, you can only try shots you can reach from where the base is set,” says the film’s co-director, Casey Warren. “But with MoVI, the base can be anywhere.”

Warren and co-director Danielle Krieger used MoVI in both single- and dual-operator modes. In single-operator mode, also called Majestic Mode, the cameraperson self-steers the unit and MoVI converts the operator’s movements into stabilized pan and tilt movements. Dual-operator mode allows a remote operator to steer the camera via the MoVI remote controller and a wireless network connection. “I think the shots contain the same speed of movement and dynamics,” Warren says. “For me, they cut together really well.”