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’10 Cloverfield Lane’ DP on Creating a Claustrophobic World

10 Cloverfield Lane cinematographer Jeff Cutter speaks to Filmmaker Magazine about making the film, which takes place in a bomb shelter after a catastrophic event has taken place. To aid in the claustrophobic feel of the movie, the filmmakers chose to build an almost full set of the bunker.

“The main room had a hard ceiling — there was no taking it off or on, so there were no overhead lights that were coming in — and I really wanted to treat it like a practical space,” Cutter says. “While we did have a removable ceiling in Michelle’s bedroom and Howard’s bedroom, I tried not to remove them to put in some light that I didn’t believe or that wasn’t motivated. As much as possible I wanted to light the sets with practicals so that the actors had the freedom and so that you could believe all those light sources. It was really important to [director Dan Trachtenberg] and I that everything feel grounded and real.”