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1 Beyond Announces Nonlinear Laptop for Portable HD Editing

1 Beyond, Inc.

, a provider of digital video editing and compositing systems, today announced a nonlinear laptop system designed exclusively for editing and graphics applications including HD. Called the 1 Beyond 3817 HD, the new laptop brings video professionals considerably more power than most desktops in a portable, fully featured laptop. It is available immediately, starting at $2,695, and fully configured for HD just $5,995.

Optimized for HD editing and delivery (including 720p and 1080i), the 1 Beyond 3817 HD features a number of industry firsts for a laptop, including: up to 3.8 GHz Pentium 4 processor with Hyperthreading technology for dual processor optimized software, up to 4 GB memory and 200 GB of internal storage, eight channels of high definition audio and support for the new high speed PCI express video bus.

With its unique dual bus architecture, the 1 Beyond 3817 HD is also the industry’s first high-end laptop that can support Avid Mojo and external storage simultaneously. This unique ability gives editors access to many more hours of footage than is commonly possible on laptop storage alone and lets them mix HD, HDV, uncompressed SD and DV footage simultaneously.

The processor coupled with the 800Mhz front side bus and 2Gb bridge, makes this laptop ideal to run the new generation of software only editing solutions such as Avid Xpress Pro HD and Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as many other processor intensive applications. It allows users to edit both HDV and full resolution HD in real time as well as multiple streams of real time audio and SD and DV video with no lag, delay or skipped frames.

The 3.8 GHz processor also makes the 1 Beyond 3817 HD especially suited for the unique demands of HD productions in the field. This new system allows editors to simply connect popular HD devices such as the Panasonic DVC pro HD or the new HDV cameras from JVC and Sony via the unique dual Firewire ports.

The 1 Beyond 3817 HD can output high quality HD images to its own 17 inch high resolution wide format screen as well as external monitors or HD projectors thanks to its professional DVI video output. Combined with its unique high definition Intel audio subsystem, the 1 Beyond 3817 HD is capable of supporting 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby surround sound and is ideal for presentations of dailies or corporate videos to large audiences.