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The New York Times Website Rolls Out Native Advertising Platform

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The New York Times will begin rolling out a native advertising platform that will change the way ads appear on its site.

Explained Meredith Kopit Levien, the executive VP of advertising, during a summit, "That platform will consist of four things: discoverability for marketers' content and stories on our site in a manner that is consistent with how other editorial stories are discovered on our site fully and transparently labeled as coming from a marketer; a new set of storytelling tools and continuously scrolling multimedia storytelling pages...that can be used by marketers; a real-time engine so marketers can understand what's going on on our site and what actually matters in the news at that moment; and a set of social amplification dashboards so marketers can understand how that content travels out across the social web so that we and the marketers can optimize with it; and also a full content studio bringing in storytelling talent of our own that sits separate -- entirely separate -- from our newsroom and works on the commercial side of that organization to help ensure that the stories being told on the Times -- just like that Putin story, just like a story by Maureen Dowd or Tom Friedman tells -- is of the highest quality possible."

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