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Networks Hope Real Time Reality Will Make Reality More Real

Reality is not what it used to be.  Mega-hits like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars have both dropped in the ratings.  Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor has been cancelled after three seasons. To spice up the aging format, more producers are looking to engage viewers in real time. To that end, shows like ABC’s Rising Star will allow viewers to vote and see the results in real time.  Singers will have to receive an affirmative vote from at least 70% of voters before moving on in the competition.  Viewers will get to see results in the same episode, removing the need for fluff laden “results shows.”

AdAge notes that “From Discovery Channel to ABC, the newest slate of reality shows are looking to engage viewers beyond just voting for contestants. The hope is these shows will create must-see moments that people will want to watch live, a win for both networks and advertisers.”

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