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National Geographic Filmmaker Weighs in on Hedron Slider

I remember working in the field with a colleague who brought a large Cinevate Atlas 200 Slider to our shoot. It was bulky but solid, and really good for the large RED camera we were working with. We used it in the mountains of Bolivia for National Geographic. I fell in love.

Going forward, I paid close attention to the new slider models Cinevate was developing. In the summer of 2014, I got word about a new one. I immediately called and got my hands on a 4-foot Hedron Slider with the cool new “flywheel” add-on. Around that time, I was traveling with a team documenting the solo canoe trip of author/adventurer Eddy Harris down the Mississippi River. We needed to shoot lots of kinetic yet cinematic material to match the “road film” feel of the river project.

The Hedron’s flywheel provides “inertial dampening.” What that translates to is that you can get the camera moving with smooth “heads and tails.” Up until this time, most of my starts and stops had been left on the cutting room floor. No more. With just a slight push of a single finger, the motion is smooth enough to use.

Bottom line, this slider works. It works really well and it makes many of the other slider manufacturers’ products seem obsolete.

John Benam is a producer/cameraman at Benam Films Inc.