Nat Geo WILD Asks: "How Did You Miss This?"

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The international National Geographic Channels team was concerned that people who have the channel WILD, who might love WILD, never knew to look for it. Jennifer Konerman reports at Promaxbda that they decided to launch a massive campaign in 120 countries on a wide variety of different channels to alert people that they do, in fact, have WILD. And what better way to do it than by letting amazing video grab the viewers' attention. 

The campaign is anchored by the tagline “How did you miss this?” referring both to the channel itself and to jaw-dropping moments featured in its programming and footage.

"The message was clear: you have this channel, you see the wonderful moments on this channel, so why aren’t you watching it?" Konerman writes. "The tone playfully flowed into the fast pace of the main spots (below) that quickly cuts between especially shocking, eye-opening, close-up shots of wildlife."

“'We wanted to do something different – not the usual natural history campaign that you’ve seen,'" she quotes Emanuele Madeddu, SVP of creative and consumer marketing at National Geographic Channels International saying.

"Following that edict, Nat Geo WILD enlisted the help of newly formed agency Holman and Hunt for 'something much more visceral with some more fun in it,' according to Madeddu, avoiding overdone wildlife promos that are 'always high quality, awe inspiring.'” In other words, this:

NAT GEO WILD / How Did You Miss This? from Holman + Hunt on Vimeo.



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