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NAB Digital Cinema Summit Set for April 12-13

The NAB Digital Cinema Summit at the NAB Show addresses issues relevant to Hollywood and the global film industry’s transition to digital technology. Held during the opening weekend of The NAB Show, this all digital weekend summit is attended by more than 650 top content creators, packagers and distributors in digital cinema. Participants include a cross section of theatrical exhibitors, distributors, broadcasters, and others working in the business, engineering, and creative side of digital cinema. Topics to be addressed at the Summit include digital cinematography, stereoscopic production, art direction, digital intermediate workflow, d-cinema mastering, 2D and 3D distribution, issues in exhibition, anti-piracy, and the progress of the standards process.

With more than 80 years of industry experience, NAB continues to be one of the largest draws for digital content creation, management and distribution across a variety of industries, with more than 111,000 conference registrants in 2007.

Digital Cinematography: From HD to 4K

Digital cameras for motion picture origination continue to surface. New generation 2/3-inch 3-imager HD acquisition technology has recently arrived. Single sensor systems based on variants of the 35mm image format are also in the marketplace. A lively industry discussion on the promise of 4K has garnered global attention. This panel represents those creating these exciting new technologies and they will discuss the merits of each.

Report from the ASC: Look Management and its Relationship to Digital Cameras

How can the Cinematographer best control his photographic vision with digital cameras? How can the director and cinematographer assure that the captured images will support artistic vision throughout the production process? What tools are needed in post production to achieve a consistent look?

Stereoscopic Movie Making

3D image capture has introduced a new set of creative tools for use by the Cinematographer – along with new challenges. Learn about the technical advancements and creative innovations from today’s pioneers in stereoscopic production.

Perspective from the Art Director’s Guild: The Impact of Digital Photography

How are digital cameras affecting lighting, wardrobe and make-up? Can you still cheat on the backdrop? The Art Directors Guild hosts this panel of production experts from a variety of trades who are adapting to the new digital world.

News from DCI

Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC, a major force behind digital cinema, was created by six major motion picture studios: Disney, Fox, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios. This session will provide an update on progress in setting standards and implementing a compliance testing program.

Digital Cinema Standards: An Update on SMPTE DC-28

A comprehensive set of industry standards has enabled digital cinema to become reality. This session will provide a first-hand update of the extensive progress in standards activity within the SMPTE digital cinema committees, and will explain what’s in store for the next phase of standardization.

The Production Pipeline: Digital Intermediate Takes Over

With several years of work and hundreds of features “in the can”, there have been many lessons learned about the evolving digital production pipeline. Virtually every major movie distributed today comes from a digital intermediate. How is 4K affecting the workflow? Can we use compression to streamline the process?

New Dimensions – New Challenges: Real World Experience with 3D

Just when you thought you mastered the art of digital video production, along comes stereoscopic production to make your life even more interesting. This session will address some of the interesting challenges and creative solutions that have recently emerged in release of 3D films.

The Exhibition Perspective: Truth and Consequences in the D-Cinema Rollout

Now approaching 5000 screens worldwide, digital cinema is showing both its strengths and its warts. Leading theatre operators from the US and overseas will provide their perspectives on the most important change in motion picture exhibition in the last 80 years.

Thwarting In-theater Piracy

Preventing theft of first-run theatrical releases is of concern to everyone in the industry. But protecting content is a delicate balance between security and practicality. This session will explore the progress and plans for keeping movies secure from opportunistic thievery.

Report from NATO

We’ll hear news from NATO’s work in its Digital Cinema System Requirements. This effort addresses the interoperability and performance required of the in-theatre digital cinema components and infrastructure not addressed by DCI.

Spotlight on Projection Technology: Is Laser Light Source Practical?

The enjoyment of motion pictures is all about lighting up the theater screen with engaging images that tell a story. For over fifty years, short-arc Xenon lamps have provided the light to make movies possible. But is that about the change? Recent advancements in laser technology open the prospect of projection systems with longer life, extraordinary efficiency and a vastly expanded color gamut.

Global Initiative: An International Update on Roll-Out

Digital Cinema is truly a global initiative, with important contributions and deployments in Europe, South America and Asia. Innovators from around the globe will provide a briefing on progress in D-cinema outside the US.

Practical D-Cinema Mastering

Urban legend has it that mastering movies for distribution to digital cinema theaters is so complex and expensive that only the biggest studios can do it. Myth buster John Hurst will explain the process in plain English, and demonstrate how the independent filmmaker can make DCI-compliant distribution files using readily available, inexpensive software tools.

ISDCF Report

The Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum continues its important work in bridging between content producers, exhibitors and manufacturers. Important progress has been made, but much work remains to iron the wrinkles from the worldwide D-Cinema roll-out.

Stereoscopic Projection Systems

The exploding popularity of 3D motion pictures has fueled dramatic innovation in stereoscopic projection technology. It’s come a long way since the days of cardboard red/blue glasses – and even since last year’s Digital Cinema Summit! Hear first hand about what’s new from the leading innovators in 3D imaging.

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