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MTV’s ‘Catfish’ Employs a Range of Canon Cameras

MTV’s documentary series Catfish: The TV Show unites Internet couples who have never actually met. To capture these moments, the production uses three Canon PowerShot S110 cameras, two Canon XF105 camcorders and a Canon XA25 camcorder. The spontaneous events in Catfish are typically captured from four simultaneous angles, with cinematographer and co-host Max Joseph usually shooting with a fifth camera.

“It’s like choosing which weapon is best for the battle,” Joseph explains. “If it’s an intimate scene where I need to be very focused and interact with whatever we are shooting, I’ll choose the Canon PowerShot S110. If the moment lends itself to a wider shot and I can hang back a little, I will go with the Canon XF105 or the Canon XA25 because I’ll have more control over the image and I can really shoot the way I would shoot a scene in a documentary.”