MobileRider Taps Akamai for High-Quality Video Delivery

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Consumer and video client expectations have changed significantly, and the screens and channels through which these experiences are viewed continue to evolve. Given this evolution in expectations, the “secret sauce” of a successful live or on-demand video event now comprises four essential ingredients: partnerships, quality, engagement and analytics.

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MobileRider’s Patrick Spohrer encodes video for live delivery to Akamai at a recent Taylor Guitar event.

Challenged to deliver this end-to-end solution on their own, companies often choose to partner with MobileRider, a streaming solutions provider that specializes in delivering live and on-demand video via the Internet and across multiple platforms.

It’s All About Delivery Quality

Akamai technology forms the backbone of MobileRider’s delivery and analytics services, with our company providing engaging media players, an intuitive platform and superior U.S.-based customer support. MobileRider’s partnership with Akamai allows us to offer high-quality, failsafe first- and last-mile services.

Advancements in video and transfer technology enable our industry to deliver live content that’s very close to high-definition quality. Quality alone isn’t the challenge, though. It’s quality at scale—and, significantly, global scale—that makes the big difference. Recently we delivered a webcast of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The event’s global broadcast of the Billabong Pipe Masters was the most-viewed action sports event ever—more than 3.5 million people viewed more than 3.9 million webcast streams, amounting to an incredible two million hours of webcast viewing. Even with viewers from more than 70 countries signing on with an array of different devices and browsers, content delivery and quality remained flawless.

Playing It Again (And Again)

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Getting viewers to visit your site and providing quality content is only half of the battle. The next hurdle is encouraging viewers to watch and share the content. The long tail of a live event is very short; viewers tend to lose interest in as little as two days. In order to capture and retain engagement during this brief window, MobileRider tapped Akamai’s DVR capability and built a video segmenting tool on top of their platform. This tool allows clients to instantly clip live-streamed segments and post them to other media outlets for consumption and sharing.

The live clipping capability was particularly useful during the Burton U.S. Open Halfpipe in 2012. By the time Shaun White hit the bottom of the halfpipe, the client had already clipped his run and posted it to Facebook. The video went viral and MobileRider’s analytics report showed an immediate and massive spike in live traffic.

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Analytics reports tell us what works and how MobileRider needs to adapt its services to meet growing consumer and technological demands; similarly, analytics helps the MobileRider team showcase its value to its clients. By using Akamai’s Media Analytics to generate audience and quality of service measurements, we are able to deliver detailed information to clients that illustrates return on investment. Being able to say that we recorded two million unique views in three days with an average viewing time of 30 minutes is gold. It’s critical information that brands, sponsors and advertisers need to know. It ensures the success and future of an event, and it guarantees that MobileRider and Akamai will have a seat at the table at the next event.

Noah Hollander is the chief operating officer at MobileRider. He may be contacted at For additional information, visit


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