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Miller Compass 12 Solo Offers Flexible Shooting Solution

Because I usually operate as a one-man-band, I was on the lookout for an affordable, dependable, lightweight tripod solution. My search uncovered Miller’s Compass 12 fluid head, which was a perfect match for my needs when combined with Miller’s Solo CF sticks. The setup supports a payload of 4.4 to 22 lb. and weighs just 14.3 lb.

I’ve been using it on various projects, from fast-paced documentary shooting to hiking up hills to capture wildlife shots. It’s been an ideal companion and has become one of my proudest purchases. The nature of my work often requires a quick move between shots, where seconds matter. Fighting a heavy tripod into position while losing a shot is a painful experience, so I have been delighted with how easy this Miller tripod system is to work with.

Panning and tilting on the Compass 12 is controlled by four selectable drag positions (including 0), which I have found to be sufficient. Four selectable counterbalance positions make it quick and easy to balance the camera when changing lenses or adding/removing accessories. The optional mounting block allows me to attach an accessory such as an external monitor to the head rather than the camera. This means such accessories can be added or removed without having to rebalance the camera.

It is often said that cameras are for Christmas and tripods are for life. I certainly have no regrets choosing this tripod and look forward to many more productive shoots with this able companion.