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Miller Camera Support Takes on the Rugged Canadian Wilderness

For a recent commercial project for Saskatchewan Tourism that brought me to the middle of the Churchill River Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada, I needed a lightweight tripod system that could be operated in the area’s remote and craggy terrain. Equally important was equipment that would allow me to stay inconspicuous to the native wildlife I was filming. My Arrow 25 Solo ENG tripod system from Miller Camera Support gave me an efficient setup to capture these stunning animals and vistas.

There was one instance where we were trying to film some bald eagles—we set up on this knoll, trying to stay in camouflage. We were able to get the camera 15 inches off the ground with the Solo tripod, which was enough to stay hidden. I really like the way the legs can be adjusted with one hand, so you can make quick modifications when you’re shooting.

I also have a 6-foot slider. Before I had the Solo legs, I wasn’t able to use it in precarious spots; however, with the Arrow 25 Solo system, I was able to put my slider into these really gnarly, craggy rocks because I could adjust the legs to different lengths. In addition to the tripod being an asset, the Arrow 25 head is very fluid, and the range of tension you can put on it depending on your lens is awesome.

Derek Frankowski is a visual storyteller best known for co-creating the action sport feature film Life Cycles.