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Mike Cahill Explores the Science of Eyes in ‘I Origins’

In the below behind-the-scenes featurette, writer/director Mike Cahill, along with stars Michael Pitt and Brit Marling, and VFX supervisor Michael Glenn, explain the impetus behind Cahill’s new indie film, I Origins, which is based around the science of eyes.

“I’m just fascinated by science and technology.” Cahill says. “The stories that I’m interested to tell are very much inspired by science and scientists, and in finding the emotional, profound thing that one stumbles upon in life and how that connects to a certain scientific paradigm… I Origins was inspired by iris biometrics, the uniqueness of the eye.”

“As a director you are constructing a thing that is a transmitter of emotion,” Cahill explains further about his work. “Your job is to try and make sure everything is happening is in service of that. The works I admire the most are the ones that are conveying something real subtle.”

Meanwhile VFX supervisor Glen explains how ambitious the project was because it involved a lot of eyeball visual effects. “You’re going for what’s going to feel real, not what for what is real. What is real is kind of irrelevant. It’s all about the experience of the audience,” he says.

Watch below. (via The Creators Project)