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Michael Mann Tells an Of-the-Moment Cyberhacking Story with ‘Blackhat’

Blackhat director Michael Mann talks to Indiewire about his cyberhacking drama and how he injected what he learned about the world of digital crime into his thriller.

He says, “Somebody who would cause a cyber intrusion could hide himself anywhere in the world. You have no idea where he is or who he is, he’s bouncing his malware across proxy servers in 17 different cities. But also, the message that Hemsworth uses, as an ex-blackhat hacker, are also pulled from the same cutting edge reality. So, when he tries for example to restore that code from the nuclear reactor in Hong Kong, he cons [an NSA agent] into taking his password which enables him to get inside the NSA and he can download some software and that’s how he puts together a location. He gets a place, he gets a location, and that’s as opposed to telling a story by interrogating an informant, let’s say. Or something you would have had in the movie 20 years ago, or 3 years ago. And you know so that was the thrill of working on this was to be able to use that new maneuvering in our story telling.”

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