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Media 100 Announces Media 100 HD for Under $8K

Media 100 Inc.

, a provider of advanced media systems, today announced Media 100 HD for $7,995 — making it the company’s first Mac design in eight years. Powered by new GenesisEngine (844/X) technology, called HDX, Media 100 HD features 10-bit uncompressed resolution-independent native HD and SD editing. The real-time processing to support resolution independence, which permits editors to mix and match HD and SD source material in the same timeline, is a first for personal computers. With HDX, Media 100 HD additionally supports broadcast-quality format conversion between all HD and SD formats, another first for PCs. First shipments of Media 100 HD are planned to begin in February 2004.

Media 100 HD incorporates the Emmy Award-winning Media 100 i software, which the Company has developed and refined for ten years. The Media 100 i software supports Apple’s Mac OS X operating system and Aqua user interface, and now gives HD as well as SD editors many powerful, field-proven editorial, content design, and third-party interoperability functions, such as:

– DirectEdit technology providing access to most system functions directly and easily from the timeline–no need to hunt through layers of menus;

– InstantMedia integration for native media compatibility with any QuickTime application;

– Adobe After Effects integration enabling Media 100 i timeline elements to be exported as separate After Effects layers for independent manipulation;

– Advanced sound design support for real-time audio EQ, reverb and dynamics processing on up to 24 tracks of audio;

– Direct timeline access to advanced Boris character generation, video effects processing and unlimited layers.

Powered By GenesisEngine HDX

The GenesisEngine HDX technology, housed on a single high-density plug-in PCI card, gives Media 100 HD its HD/SD power, including support for 10-bit uncompressed input and output of all HD and SD digital television formats defined by SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 259M. These include:

– 1080p/30/29.97/25/24/23.976 (SMPTE 274M);

– 1080i/30/29.97/25/24/23.976 (SMPTE 274M);

– 720p/60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.976 (SMPTE 296M);

– 1035i/30/29.97 (SMPTE 260M);

– 525/60 (NTSC – SMPTE 259M);

– 625/50 (PAL – SMPTE 259M).

HDX Broadcast Format Conversion

In addition to native HD (and SD) editing, real-time, broadcast-quality format conversion is a HDX-powered breakthrough of Media 100 HD. Broadcast format conversion enables Media 100 HD to convert from any HD format to any HD format, from any SD format to any HD format, and from any HD format to any SD format–in real time.

Picture Quality

Starting with 10-bit quantization, Media 100 HD employs high-precision digital signal processing throughout and employs sophisticated real-time algorithms to ensure superior picture quality, such as:

– Real-time motion-adaptive de-interlacing with edge detection that reduces temporal artifacts when converting interlaced source material to progressive frames;

– Real-time 3:2 pulldown processing that supports film-originated source material;

– Real-time cropping, scaling, and letterboxing that allows users to easily convert between images of 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

Media 100 HD and Media 100 i Compatibility

Current users of Media 100 i systems may be pleased to know that Media 100 HD is both media- and timeline-compatible with earlier-generation Media 100 i systems, meaning they may move their programs, with media, between the “HD” and “i” systems quickly, easily, and without data degradation. In addition, the Company is developing a software Media 100 i codec, long requested by users, and a native Media 100 HD codec, allowing QuickTime applications, such as Adobe After Effects, to create HD and SD media on any Macintosh system, from laptop to desktop, that is compatible with both Media 100 HD and Media 100 i systems.

Compositing and Finishing with 844/X

Media 100 HD editors may move their programs, with media, to 844/X to perform additional visual effects design and finishing. The 844/X software codec, already available, allows Media 100 HD users to read and write native 844/X 10-bit uncompressed media files. In addition, to provide timeline interoperability, the Company is developing support to allow Media 100 HD to export timeline information as a native XML file that 844/X may import.

Media 100 HD is priced at $7,995 for new systems. Current Media 100 i owners can upgrade to Media 100 HD for $6,995. Qualified Media 100 i owners opting to participate in the beta test process for Media 100 HD may upgrade for $5,995. Complete Media 100 HD system configurations, including a new Macintosh workstation with high-speed media storage, are expected to start at approximately $15,000 – less for existing customers.