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Matrox Delivers for Racing Fans

Racing fans can’t get enough of their sport, and is happy to give them the action they crave in live webcasts and on-demand viewing. Delivering high-quality HD productions is the responsibility of Sam Provencher, president of operations. Challenges abound. Streaming from a different location each weekend means that equipment has to be entirely mobile. Internet connectivity in rural areas where most racetracks are located can be problematic. Quick, easy setup is a necessity, and reliability is paramount.

After extensive research, Provencher settled on StreamVu as his service provider and the Matrox Monarch HD streaming and recording appliance StreamVu recommended.

Matrox Monarch HD is an easy-to-use H.264 encoder designed to simultaneously stream a live event and record a mastering-quality version for post-event editing. It generates an H.264-encoded stream compliant with RTSP or RTMP protocol from any HDMI input source, such as a camera or switcher.

“Streaming is not part of our workflow—it is our workflow,” Provencher says. “As a mobile production service, we have to be able to arrive on site and begin streaming live in 10 minutes or less. We work with various switchers and they all feed the Monarch HD encoder, which ensures that we are capturing the broadcast-ready feed for local recording as well as sending out a high-quality live stream. Monarch HD is so versatile, we can stream at our ideal of 2.8 Mb/s for high quality, or when Internet speed is lacking, at 700 Kb/s. It’s dynamic enough to handle the full range with exceptional reliability and quality. It’s one of our smallest pieces of production equipment, yet it’s the most valuable.”