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Matrox Announces New ASM for Multi-Board & Multi-System Display Synchronization

Matrox Graphics Inc.

, the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced the Matrox ASM, an advanced synchronization module offering a host of unique features designed to ensure the synchronization of workstations equipped with Matrox graphics cards. This powerful device delivers much needed genlock support in order to synchronize the multiple output connections of Matrox multi-display graphics boards with video equipment employed in post production and control room environments.

Since the large number of displays used in video walls often necessitate the use of more than one graphics card, the Matrox ASM can support multiple graphics boards, multiple systems, or a combination of multi-board systems to create a virtual display, synchronizing internal clocks and frame swaps. This provides much needed fluidity of graphics, text and effects, while ensuring high fidelity image quality, free of any pixel ghosting, shadowing or display artifacts.

This standalone single-slot PCI board offers an array of synchronization options ranging from a multitude of external synchronization signals, also known as ‘genlock’ signals or ‘house syncs,’ to generating sync signals on-board. It can control up to four Matrox display controllers in one PC, genlocking the multiple output connections to an external signal generated, for example, via a black burst device.

The Matrox ASM’s robust display drivers ensure that buffer swaps are synchronized across boards, and even across systems, for applications that support distributed rendering and currently offer support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP.