Mastering Terror and Tension in 'The Gift'

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Filmmaker's Matt Mulcahey spoke with Edu Grau, the cinematographer of the psychological horror film, The Gift. Starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall as a happy couple, The Gift looks at what happens when a strange man from the past (played by Joel Edgerton, who also directs) insinuates himself into their lives in progressively more terrifying ways.

Grau speaks on a number of subjects, including his early inspiration seeing cinematographer Gordon Willis, ASC interviewed: "[He’s featured] in this documentary Visions of Light, and when he speaks it just seems like the room illuminates. You got a feeling that someone who's very wise and clever and loves filmmaking was talking."

On his initial discussions with Edgerton: "Joel wanted to Martha Marcy May Marlene with Michael Haneke with Alfred Hitchcock, but to get it to an audience that goes to see big movies. We also used movies like Fatal Attraction and Single White Female [as inspiration], these kinds of movies that we grew up with that were dodgy, but they always had a bit of something that would make them interesting."