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Marina Abramović Talks ‘The Artist is Present,’ Her Thoughts On Censorship, Art & More

Performance artist Marina Abramović talks to Indiewire about being the subject of new documentary The Artist Is Present, soon to air on HBO. She says to young artists, “It took me forty years to get this point, to understand what this was all about. In the beginning, they wanted to put me in a mental hospital because it was like…what am I doing? What the hell is that? Back then I had this urge of doing things and I really didn’t have the experience, I didn’t know why I had to do it but I always say young artists when you have this urge — don’t question it, just do it. After, you’ll have time to look back at how incredibly logical it all is, which you can’t say right away when you’re in it. You don’t understand. All you have is intuition, it’s very important.”

Read the full piece here.