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Marina Abramović Explores Brazil and Healing in New Documentary

Artist Marina Abramović explores Brazil and the power of spirituality in her latest documentary Marina Abramović in Brazil: The Space In Between, now available on Vimeo on Demand.

“I’ve done lots of spiritual journeys before, with deserts and isolation, with Tibetan monks and monasteries. But I only have the diaries with me and I never film anything,” Abramović tells Filmmaker Magazine about the genesis of the film. “The older I get, I’m always trying to communicate different experiences to my public, [so] I was thinking this was a good moment to take the public on my trip and create this movie. It took four years to research and not to be just a tourist in another culture, but really go into the experiences of these people I was meeting. This film came out of the deep unhappiness I was facing at the time with divorce and a broken heart — all these things that all human beings feel.

“I wanted to really see if these people could help me go through healing and if I could make new work out of it. This was the idea. But also, I need the public and in this case just knowing that I was going to make the film and the public was going to watch it also helped me to go through this — especially ayahuasca, which was the most horrifying experience of my life, by the way. You know, the energy the public gives to you, this is when you push the limits. Otherwise in normal life, I always try to avoid it. This is why you have to set up and stage things in order to push yourself. People don’t like to push themselves. They like to do things that are easy, comfortable, the things they like. If you do this, you never change. I needed to push in different ways, to create the change.”

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Marina Abramović in Brazil: The Space in Between from Casa Redonda on Vimeo.