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‘Manos Sucias’ Comes to Life with Canon C300

Equatorial heat and humidity, sporadic electrical service and a modest budget were just a few of the challenges that director Josef Wladyka and writer/cinematographer Alan Blanco faced while filming the feature Manos Sucias (Dirty Hands) in the impoverished fishing villages of Colombia. Wladyka and Blanco met all of these challenges with the help of Canon’s EOS C300 camera. “It gave us fabulous, robust imagery and it fits into a backpack,” says Blanco. “The camera’s image definitely gave us a lot of play room in post and maintained a really strong cinema look.”

Blanco recorded all of his footage in Canon Log Gamma; this setting captures the full exposure latitude that the camera’s Super 35mm CMOS sensor is capable of delivering for film-style dynamic range between shadows and highlights. Notes the cinematographer, “Canon Log gave us a lot of great latitude, color and saturation.”