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Making Taylor Swift’s Retro ‘Wildest Dreams’ Come True

Taylor Swift reaches back much further than 1989 for her new video, “Wildest Dreams.” Dan Solomon writes in Fast Company that the conceit of the new video is that we’re seeing behind-the-scenes of a movie she’s starring in in 1950. “As one might expect from the famously amorous Swift,” Solomon declares, “she quickly falls for her male co-star, and they take their relationship off-camera—before, predictably, things turn contentious. (Also, for some reason there are giraffes and zebras, and Swift spends a few shots hanging out with a lion.) 

“Once Swift finally attends the film’s premiere, the line between make-believe romance and the real kind becomes painfully real for our heroine—who opines, in the chorus, that such things couldn’t come true, even in her wildest dreams.”

The video’s cool look comes from the same creative team that brought us “Bad Blood” — Director Joseph Kahn, cinematographer Christopher Probst and colorist Dave Hussey of Company 3.