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‘The Making of the Mob’ Traces History with ARRI Amira

To tell the story of the formation of the modern mafia for AMC’s The Making of the Mob, director John Ealer and cinematographer Andrew Huebscher used ARRI Amira cameras. “One of the draws of the Amira was its built-in color correction abilities,” Huebscher recalls. “We would capture a still from the camera onto a memory stick, import it into the Amira Color Tool program on a laptop, design a look using ASC CDL parameters, save that, and re-import back into the cameras. This look would then be applied to viewing monitors, as well as attaching itself to the ProRes 4444 files as nondestructive metadata, all while the cameras were actually recording in Log C gamma.”

Explains Ealer, “Having the ability to track looks throughout 40 years of story space, from turn-of-the-century Manhattan to post-war Cuba—and have those looks follow all the way through post, from offline to final color—was critical.”