MacTech LED Brings Cost Savings to 'The Mindy Project'

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The production team on The Mindy Project, a single-camera comedy series created by and starring Mindy Kaling, relies on MacTech LED lighting. The set design for the show, shot on a stage at Universal Studios, calls for two sets of backings to create the series' distinctive New York look.

When shooting on a set, significant stage space is typically taken up by the sky pans that light the backing. From the show's first season, the production team has been open to implementing new technology to solve classic challenges faced by many television productions.

MacTech LED had a purpose-built solution: Ladder Lights. These easy-to-install, low-heat, high-output lights require dramatically less space than sky pans. The extra room gave the production designer the flexibility to expand the set's footprint.

Other MacTech LED solutions used by The Mindy Project include MacTech 960s for top light on set interiors and as the daylight source for set windows. The 960s provide high quality light with less than 10 percent of the power, cable and dimming requirements of conventional production lighting. Thirty percent of the overall lighting package for The Mindy Project is from MacTech LED, enabling significant cost savings while achieving high production value on camera.

Three seasons of The Mindy Project aired on FOX. The show's fourth season has been picked up by Hulu and will begin streaming later this year.



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