Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin Tell Millennial Story with Video Art Exhibit

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Video artists Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Tercartin's current exhibit--now showing at Los Angeles' Regen Projects--carries on their trend of multi-channel videos that offer commentary on web videos and the millennial lifestyle.

As The Huffington Post's Priscilla Frank writes, "Trecartin and Fitch have become known, and often worshipped, for their hyper-speed mode of millennial filmmaking. Their endless feed of video shows the trashy dregs of YouTube taken to a supernatural extreme, in which hip lingo becomes speaking in tongues and the newest trends become cultish regalia...Fitch and Trecartin make art inspired by and for the millennial post-internet set. Their hypnotic videos never stop moving, creeping outside of the screen into the gallery space, into your smalltalk, your cool outfit, your smile that says 'I'm having so much fun!'"

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