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‘Live PD’ Upends Viewer Expectations with an Evolving TV Format

With the success of A&E’s live TV experiment Live PD, the network has extended the first season from an initial 8 episodes to 21 episodes. The show is broadcast live from six police departments across America with studio analysis of the action when needed.

“Each week we’re digging in to all that data and trying to understand how the viewer is responding to it or what they’re responding to and how we can dial certain things up and certain things down,” Dan Cesareo, production company Big Fish Entertainment’s president and executive producer, tells realscreen. “If you’ve been watching the show, you’ve really seen it evolve over the first eight episodes,. In an ideal world, I would have done weeks more of run-throughs, but those are cost prohibitive and at some point you have to play the game and go live and really work on making those tweaks and adjustments.

“One of the interesting things about this series is the viewer has had to adjust how they watch television for this show, because they’re used to these very neat, clean packets of content that always pay off,” Cesareo continues. “This is an extension of the live content that’s being broadcast on the web, but it’s a much higher-end experience with a much more polished version of storytelling.”

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