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‘Little Men’ Director Ira Sachs: All My Movies Are About Love and Money

Writer/director Ira Sachs’ latest film, Little Men, focuses on a family who inherit and move into a Brooklyn building, only to have conflict with the tenant who has been renting the ground floor for a long time. Meanwhile the family and tenant’s young sons become fast friends in a way that eludes the adults.

“Love and money are the subjects of all my films,” Sachs tells Where to Watch. “Real estate is an enunciation of issues around money and class. Real estate is about money, which is universal in literature. What’s every Jane Austen book about? If I get specific, and do that well, the film will work in 40 years. It’s the same stories: how people get along; families, neighbors. It’s no coincidence that [Greg Kinnear’s character] is in a Chekov play. He is still relevant because of the drama and humor [he depicts] in everyday life.”

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