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‘Little Accidents’ DP Rachel Morrison Is Not Afraid of the Dark

To shoot independent mining drama Little Accidents, DP Rachel Morrison and director Sara Colangelo were intent to shoot on film. This proved a challenge for a film that had several dark locations, including a real working coal mine, and a small budget to make it work.

As Morrison writes in MovieMaker Magazine, “For an indie movie, without all the time, man-power, and lighting tools that a larger budget would provide, this can make night scenes difficult and one has to be extra resourceful. Choosing locations is a critical component and for night exteriors, the location must have a good amount of natural light to at least motivate the supplemental film lighting…[As for the mine] fortunately, the director, Sara Colangelo, was not scared of the dark. She embraced and even encouraged it. After all, that’s quite natural for miners underground – they can see that which is illuminated by the light from their headlamps and not much else.”

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