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Listen Systems Enliven InfoComm Tours

Tour members at InfoComm are utilizing Listen Technologies (Booth 1248) tour group systems to better hear the commentary and participate in the walking presentation given by InfoComm.

“We used the Listen devices at last year’s show,” says Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., executive director of ICIA. “This technology makes tour group presentations easy and effective, because the participants have their own listening devices. The show floor can get very noisy with all the different presentations going on, and it is easy to lose people. With the wireless tour system, everyone can hear every word.”

Russell Gentner, president of Listen, explains how the system works. “A tour guide wears a belt pack transmitter and head worn microphone that they turn on at the start of the tour. At the beginning of the tour, members check out their own receivers with ear speakers, and simply adjust the volume to a comfortable level. The Listen tour system makes it easy and comfortable to take a tour, since you don’t have to crowd to the front of the group or strain to hear what the tour guide says.” Gentner explains that tour members can be up to 150 feet away, and still receive the same clear audio.

“Tour guides also love it, because they don’t have to yell,” says Gentner. “And it is so much more professional, since a tour can go through a show floor without disturbing everyone around them.”

Listen’s transmitters and receivers are being used at InfoComm ’03 for the “First Timer Tours,” the new “International Attendee Tour” (where the tour guide is also an interpreter), and for the media tour. ICIA appreciates the flexibility of the technology which allows use of several channels for multiple languages and presentations.