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‘Lion’ and ‘Rogue One’ DP Greig Fraser Says Working on Each Film Informed the Other

Lion and Rogue One DP Greig Fraser spoke at an ASC Clubhouse event about the unusual way the two disparate films informed each other.

As the ASC blog explains, “Fraser shot Lion on the Alexa and relied heavily on LED lights, an approach he said grew out of discoveries made during his prep for Rogue One. Fraser was in pre-production on Rogue One before he shot Lion, but in production on the Star Wars movie after Lion was complete, and told the audience at the ASC Clubhouse that the two films informed each other particularly in the way he approached lighting to express character. During a question and answer session in which attendees asked questions about both Lion and Rogue One, Fraser clarified his belief in cinematography that serves the narrative and remains unobtrusive — even when the filmmakers are creating their own world from scratch, as in Rogue One.”

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