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Lighting the Seattle Night for Indie Film ‘Lucky Them’

Seattle-based director Megan Griffiths’ latest indie film, Lucky Them, is the first film that she didn’t also script, instead going off of a screenplay by Emily Watchel. Though the music-centric scene was originally supposed to take place in Watchel’s native New York, Griffiths transferred the story to Seattle instead.

Toni Collette in

Lucky Them


“It just feels like the story fits in seamlessly into a Seattle setting,” Griffiths tells Fandor. “It also fits in New York, it wouldn’t feel out of place there, but Emily has been saying since we shot it that this feels bigger in Seattle than it would have in New York.”

Coming from a cinematography background means that Griffiths is keenly aware of the looks of the films she makes. “I am a hugely aesthetic person so it’s the cinematographer and the production designer and the costume designer that are important choices to me. Once I know I have those people that I can trust, I can let go of it and work with actors,” she says.

The director feels a particular affinity for shooting at night. “You can obviously do a lot of different things when everything’s dark and you are selectively lighting anything that you want to see, you can really create the world that you want,” she observes.

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