'Life Is Love' Illuminated with Litepanels

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Marcela Villegas Castanon

When shooting the documentary Life Is Love, a project that focuses on young women who have been freed from the world of human trafficking, line producer Marcela Villegas Castanon opted for Litepanels’ Croma LED fixtures. “We used four on-camera LED Croma Litepanels, one for each of our Canon C300 cameras,” Castanon recalls. “They are portable and powerful, they didn’t take much room, and they took little time to set up. Their durability and adjustable color temperature was also a plus since we were shooting both inside and outside.

“We had two difficult scenes inside brothels,” she continues. “The rooms were small, dimly lit and bland in color. The Cromas allowed for some depth and color for the interviews and for the rooms themselves. And when we were filming the clients outside, the Cromas provided the perfect fill light to eliminate shadows on their faces.”


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