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Library of American Broadcasting Will Honor the “First Fifty Giants of Broadcasting”

The Library of American Broadcasting (LAB) will honor the men andwomen who pioneered the first generation of radio and television, andon whose shoulders those media now stand, at a luncheon, Sept. 18th, inthe Grand Hyatt New York, it was announced today by Lucille Luongo,President and CEO of the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation(LABF).

“It will be our good fortune to honor, in person, many of the‘First Fifty Giants of Broadcasting’ who continue to graceour industry and our lives. All are legendary for their contributionsto broadcasting, and this event is designed to keep their examplebefore us,” explains Luongo.

Joan Ganz Cooney (whose “Sesame Street” has set the barfor all children’s programming), Walter Cronkite (CBS-TV’spioneering broadcast journalist), Ragan Henry (a pioneer in theownership of television and radio stations by African-Americans),Stanley S. Hubbard (a pioneer in direct broadcast satellite), JohnKluge (who built Metromedia into the largest independent broadcastgroup of his time), Ward Quaal (who pioneered independent broadcastingfor the Chicago Tribune organization) and Frank Stanton (CBS-TVPresident for 26 years) will attend the luncheon.

In addition, tributes will be paid to the industry visionaries inattendance by Loreen Arbus (daughter of Leonard H. Goldenson), EddieFritts (President and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters),Tony Malara (Former President Affiliate Relations/CBS), Sharon PercyRockefeller (WETA-TV President and CEO) and Shaun Sheehan (VP, TribuneCompany).

The “First Fifty Giants of Broadcasting” (teams arecounted as one) to be honored are, in alphabetical order: Fred Allen,Edwin H. Armstrong, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Gertrude Berg, EdgarBergen, Milton Berle, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Sid Caesar &Imogene Coca, Frank Conrad, Joan Ganz Cooney, Bill Cosby, WalterCronkite, Bing Crosby, Powel Crosley Jr., Lee DeForest, Allen B.DuMont, Philo Farnsworth, Pauline Frederick, Dorothy Fuldheim, JackieGleason, Arthur Godfrey, Leonard H. Goldenson, Freeman Gosden &Charles Correll (Amos’n’Andy), Jack Harris, Paul Harvey,Ragan Henry, Bob Hope, Stanley E. and Stanley S. Hubbard, Chet Huntley& David Brinkley, Jim & Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee &Molly), H. V. Kaltenborn, John Kluge, Guglielmo Marconi, Donald H.McGannon, Gordon McLendon, Tom Murphy, Edward R. Murrow, William S.Paley, Irna Phillips, Ward Quaal, J. Leonard Reinsch, David Sarnoff,Eric Sevareid, Frank Stanton, George Storer, Ed Sullivan, Sol Taishoff,Lowell Thomas and Vladimir Zworykin.

Tickets for the September 18th luncheon are available at $275 eachand may be obtained by contacting the LABF business office at (914)238-8292. The reception will begin promptly at 11:30 AM, followed bythe luncheon and ceremonies at 12:30 PM.