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Libec’s Allex Gives Great Support for Smaller Cameras

As a director of photography, I work with everything from DSLRs to ARRI Alexas and 35mm film cameras. While camera support for larger cameras has been evolving for more than a century, the field of support products for DSLRs and smaller cameras has lagged behind. A lot of companies are developing small-camera supports but few get it right.

I work on both narrative and documentary projects and have found that Libec’s Allex slider is great for both. It’s all-inclusive and comes at a great price. You get a tripod and 28-inch slider for less than you would spend for most tripods.

Directors I’ve worked with have been impressed and thankful that I’m able to instantly increase the production value of their projects with the sort of moves that the Allex provides. It has proven very useful in instances where we’re doing close-ups as actors move through their blocking. The slider allows me to keep the eyeline close to the camera and the close-ups intimate, while at the same time allowing the actors to move more freely in the scene.

The impressive Libec Allex is a lightweight, versatile and a cost-effective addition to my DSLR camera kit.

Austin Smoak is a freelance cinematographer. Her work as a director of photography and camera operator includes several feature films, television series, web series and commercials.