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Libec ALX Supports with Smooth Pan, Tilt and Slide Movements

What makes a product useful is its reliability, portability and ease of use. The Libec ALX S8 Kit achieves all three. Its simple, innovative construction increases its reliability. The material is strong yet lightweight, making it easy to throw over your shoulder, show up at a shoot, and produce stunning, professional shots. I’m able to take on projects of varying budgets without worrying about bringing in a profit.

Before, I had two or three different camera support options, all of which were heavier and bulkier than this one from Libec. Production is about speed, and having to switch between camera support systems slows down production. Having one company supply an all-in-one head, tripod and slider system makes me move faster, since there are no extra pieces to keep track of.

Demetrius Wren

I use the ALX S8 Kit for those slight pushes to give light to shots with interviews and B-roll for product shots in my client work. For narrative work—particularly the web series, where budget is limited but the audience expects high quality—we’ll use the slider to increase production value and create great cinematic shots. These are just a few reasons why I love this head, tripod and slider combo and why I prefer using Libec products every time.

Demetrius Wren is a writer/director at Two Kids with a Camera (