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Lexus Uses Engineering to Create Illusion of an Acrobat Leaping Across Buildings

Hollywood costume designer Vin Burnham and a team of acrobats bring the stunt to life.

Lexus’ “Amazing in Motion” campaign is all about doing things the hard way. The campaign seeks to impress by relying on feats of engineering and creativity, as opposed to CGI, to make good on its concepts.

Its latest effort, “Strobe,” sought to create the illusion of a single lighted-up figure somersaulting through a city skyline. To do it, Hollywood costume designer Vin Burnham and technical director Adam Wright built high-tech suits each especially fitted with 1680 LED lights that were then put on a team of acrobats and stuntmen. The suits were then wirelessly controlled with DMX software.

CHI&Partners creative director Monty Verdi tells Fast Company‘s Co.Create, “We all loved the simplicity of the idea of using light rather than stills to create movement. The next challenge was pushing it to the extreme–finding a way to do it not just across a street, but an entire city.”

Watch it come together below and read more here on Co.Create and here on Televisual.