'The Lady in the Van' Director on Telling a Story from a Writer's POV

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Nicholas Hytner's The Lady in the Van tells the true story of writer Alan Bennett who ended up hosting a taciturn homeless woman named Miss Shepherd in his driveaway for over ten years.

Explains Hytner about the film's shooting style to Moveable Fest, "There’s a sense of observation in the film. If you’re at a desk, really all you can do is pan [because] you’ve got a 180-degree line of vision. Most of what happens [in the film] is from the writer’s point of view, so there’s a levelness about it, and I hope a straightforwardness and simplicity about the way it’s shot. There was a conscious decision for the camera not to draw attention to itself. The camera has to behave at a very human level, so we [only] got the crane out twice – just twice – because the big filmmaker’s bird’s eye point of view is not what the film’s about. It’s about things being looked at in a very moderate way by a guy sitting behind his desk behind a window."