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LaCie Rugged Faces a Mountainous Challenge

Filming in the field can be challenging for any filmmaker. Filming 17,000 feet above sea level on Mount Everest can be absolutely daunting. That was the task that documentary filmmaker Michael Churton faced last year when he accompanied an expedition summiting Everest.

He knew the conditions would be difficult for filming. The trek to base camp was eight days, and his gear would be carried by yaks and mules. He needed a storage solution that was robust enough to handle ice, snow and subzero temperatures and large enough to store all of his footage, so he brought four LaCie Rugged SSD drives. Each day he backed up his footage to the LaCie Rugged drives, which performed flawlessly in the challenging conditions, with temperatures as low as -10°F.

On April 25, during the ascent, an earthquake struck, triggering an avalanche that destroyed base camp. Churton had to be evacuated because of a facial injury. Eventually other team members found Churton’s gear buried under snow and got it back to him. Churton was amazed to discover all four of his LaCie Rugged drives, containing 25 days of irreplaceable footage, were intact and functional after having been buried unprotected for days. With the footage he captured, Churton is making a documentary film about what happened on Everest and the amazing people he met on the mountain. The documentary is planned to premiere in 2017.