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Juliano Ribeiro Salgado on Photographing a Photographer for ‘The Salt of the Earth’

Director Juliano Ribeiro Salgado talks about his equipment choices when shooting his photographer father Sebastião Salgado for new documentary The Salt of the Earth.

He explains in MovieMaker Magazine, “Shooting…brought many challenges, chief amongst them the fact that Sebastião is a photographer used to traveling lightly. He categorically refused the presence of a film crew around him. I had no cameraman and no sound technician, and I had to be my own team. I also had to adapt my way of shooting to the fact that Sebastião never waited for my shots to be ready, and was never willing to repeat any of his actions. Because of this, I had to opt for very light gear: a Canon EOS 5D equipped with a Sennheiser ambient microphone, and a Sony PCM-M10 portable sound recorder (known to have a very reliable crystal sync built in) with a pair of radio microphones connected to it. I also had a couple of solar panels to recharge batteries and run my back-up hard drives.”

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