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Joss Whedon on How ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Affected ‘The Avengers’

The Vulture talks to Joss Whedon about his post-Avengers vanity project, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, debuting at the Toronto Film Festival. Says Whedon, “In a way, [Much Ado] was sort of a coming-home party because everyone in it is someone I love, or at least someone I’m a big fan of and planned to love. It was also a palate cleanser after a grueling shoot of a very effects-driven movie. I came off The Avengers and I was exhausted. We were already editing because our schedule on The Avengers was very accelerated, and I was having to cut out things and I was in that space where I’m like, “Ohhh, it’s not really my movie anymore. It’s not about anything!” [I was] sort of having the angst. And then I shot Much Ado and was able to come back to The Avengers and go, “Okay! Whoa, sorry guys. I’m back.” I could see it clearly and go, “You know what? [The Avengers] is getting better, and here’s what I need to take out.” It just sort of gave me perspective, and not the perspective of, “Oh well, I got to make my passion project, so now I’ll just churn this out,” but the perspective where I could look at it the way I was supposed to because I felt like I’d been on a vacation for a month. At least, that was my idea of a vacation.”

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