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Johnny Kelly Blends Animation and Live-Action for Apple Health Films

Johnny Kelly directs a series of short films touting Apple’s Health app, each blending live-action and animation.

“The look and layout were essential – so early on I roped in illustration wizard Jamie Jones to help come up with the 2D look for the films while I started storyboarding,” Kelly tells Motionographer about creating the hybrid look of the films. “We then had our two-week live action shoot roughly halfway through the production. We used long lenses so the objects had the same almost-orthographic feel as the 2D designs. This was the biggest challenge – making two diametrically opposed techniques play together nicely. And as you can see in the films, we were continually jumping back and forth. Sometimes the speed of our camera move would be informed by the animation, sometimes the other way around. You couldn’t change the position of one without it impacting the other.”

Read the full story here and watch the shorts below.