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Jim Courtright Carries OWC Envoy Pro mini Everywhere

For years, Jim Courtright of Chicago’s Big Thinking by the Hour has focused on creating company and product marketing videos. He has conceptualized, shot and produced educational and informational videos for companies that you have probably seen at trade shows, in demonstrations, on web sites and, increasingly, on social media.

Like most of us, he saw people increasingly using their smartphones and similar small-screen devices for everything to communicate with friends and family. Additionally, the smartphone is rapidly becoming the source of many people’s news, information and entertainment. But most of the company ads Courtright saw on his iPhone were simply shrunken TV- or PC-viewable commercials.

“Want to know why so many people zap or ignore the content?” he asks. “It’s an interruption, and a very uncomfortable interruption.” He redesigned his web site to educate people about how mobile ads need to fit the viewer rather than expecting the viewer to fit the ads.

He also established Qwerks (“quirky works of video entertainment”), one video per day that is less than one minute in length that he contracts to companies for their web sites to draw fan visits.

Having developed what he is finding to be a meaningful market, Courtright carries his complete portfolio of small-screen ads and Qwerks videos with him on his OWC Envoy Pro mini wherever he goes. Ask him to show you his work and he can plug the SSD with 120 to 480 GB capacity into any USB 3.0 port and stream content for hours.