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Interactive Short Film Incorporates Your Instagram Feed

"The web browser is the movie theater of the future, and I wanted to demonstrate why that's awesome."

“Looking to create a film which ‘merges the reality of its own fictional narrative with the very real reality of the viewer’s life,’ ‘Weird Box’ director Noah Levenson was researching ways to incorporate user-generated content into a film when he decided upon the inclusion of Instagram in his short,” explains

Rob Munday


“Describing the platform as ‘where everybody’s at these days,’ ‘Weird Box’ takes the photos from your nominated Instagram account [using your own can be very creepy, but using a friend’s is hilarious] and makes them the source of conflict between the film’s quarreling couple.

“Taking about a year and a half to make, a lot of that time spent working on software engineering challenges to achieve ‘frame-accurate video synchronization in a web browser,’ Levenson was eager to create something which pushed the interactive film format forward a little bit. ‘Combining filmmaking with software development yields this whole other weird medium that I think is really exciting,’ the filmmaker reveals. ‘The web browser is the movie theater of the future, and I wanted to demonstrate why that’s awesome.'”

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